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IMG-20190331-WA0009 Our mission is to provide you with

  • Uninterrupted
  • Sufficient and
  • Affordable Power Supply.


Solonic GmbH is a German based company specialized in renewable energies. With more than 10 years of experience in this relatively new field we belong to the big players in our business.
Our mission is to operate always on the highest level of technical knowledge driving the business of renewable energies.
In 2012 the team were approached by Nigerian friends. Who informed them about the developing PV-business in a country where the sun always shines. They explained to the team that Nigerians are desperate looking for an uninterrupted sufficient and affordable power supply as your national grid is much too small.
With this information the Solonic GmbH team visited Nigeria in January 2013 to provide renewable energies like PV and wind power. This eventually gave birth to the Nigerian arm of Solonic.

Our Company
The Nigerian branch SOLONIC Energy Limited based in Lagos is located in the buildings of ‘Tafawa Balewa Square’ (TBS) on Lagos Island.
The sales office is the main contact for any questions about decentralized energy production in Nigeria.
SOLONIC Energy Ltd. mainly deals with the maintenance of gas generators that replaced
previously cost intensive diesel generators. The planning and design of gas generators, as well as solar power systems, are carried out by engineers in Germany.
Close, intensive collaboration with the German parent company frequent reciprocal visits guarantee professional planning individually tailored to the needs of energy project in Nigeria. Our future is a world where renewal energy ensures a higher quality of life.
Solar systems continuously use the inexhaustible power of the sun for power generation and hereby design the energy supplies of today and tomorrow.

SOLONIC Energy Limited has positioned itself against this backdrop since the company was founded as an exclusive renewable trade and mounting company has handled:
 Street Light Project
 Power Supply
 Cabling
 Led Light Supply and Installations
 Customized Generator Supply and Installation
 General Contracting and Supply
 Merchandise, Infrastructure, Energy






renewal energy is the way to go Sharon Akinoluwa

CEO, Wealth and Riches International

Solonic Energy Limited................your partner for new energy system.